From Grandmother's Home Remedies to Sophisticated Neonatal ICU's

(Written in response to infant deaths being reported from the hospitals of Odisha in India)

The shift of blame in Sishu Bhawan deaths, which continue at 5+ a day despite several measures being taken, has turned to lack of ventilators and other sophisticated ICU equipment. Tenders will soon be floated to acquire the most modern technology available. These equipments can prolong the agonies of little children as they suffer the throes of death, they cannot render the intensely sick children healthy.

If we wish to stem the death rates we must move out of the hospitals and have a breath of fresh air rich with oxygen and common sense. “We cannot have healthy children from unhealthy mothers”, a senior Kolkata based paediatrician shared with me yesterday over phone. This is the crux of the problem. We need to understand and concentrate upon health and not get caught up in the maize of disease names that we create when we forget health and reduce the body-mind complex to an ignorant machine that constantly needs toxic chemicals to grease it and keep it running. We need long term measures and a sincere audit of the interventions directed to attack the entire flow from health of parents to health of children.  

The human body has an inherent capacity to heal. When it cannot heal it sends signals through symptoms that the learned physician can decipher and act upon. During the time of pregnancy the mother’s body too expresses many symptoms. The homeopaths act upon these symptoms to detect the hereditary dyscracia (imbalance) and correct the same with appropriate remedies that result in a healthy mother and child.

In a healthy society that follows morals and ethics and where people sacrifice individual greed and base desires keeping in view the health of future generations, the discomfort of the mother is the least. Rather pregnancy turns into a time of bliss with the mother and child acting at several levels – both physical and emotional - to repair damage and fulfil each other’s bodily needs. Scientific studies are revealing how the breast milk acts with intelligence and the child sends stem cells to the mother in a system of mutual benefit.

Pregnancy was traditionally not a time of rest. The mother used to do her daily duty under the supervision of the traditional attendant who took care of her nutrition needs and also strengthened the pelvic system by massaging with essential oils for safe natural delivery. These attendants were also knowledgeable about the mode of delivery (standing, sitting, supine) depending upon the position of the foetus that they could discern by feeling the abdomen. They could also manipulate the foetus with hand pressure for a favourable position. While researching on rice varieties in Odisha I stumbled upon medicinal qualities of certain varieties that aided mothers during pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. Traditional knowledge was not unscientific, bereft of monetary gain it gained from nature that is inherently unselfish and life promoting.

Pregnancy and child birth are not diseases. They are healthy bodily functions. In my quest to find an ideal system of delivery I was surprised by statements of doctors in the rural hinterlands of Medak district in Andhra Pradesh. “The healthiest women are the local Muslim mothers,” they informed me. “We have seen such mothers deliver up to 12 children and be in the pink of health.” Rather the process of regularly taking hormonal pills, having surgical birth control implants, and undergoing repeated abortions is intensely harmful for the mother. There are today scientific studies to buttress this claim.

Natural childbirth is the right of every child. The child benefits immensely from the birth process gaining from the squeezing of the entire system as it passes through the birth canal, from cord blood, from vaginal microbes, and from the fat deposit on its body surface after birth. A child deprived of this process is at a distinct disadvantage in the race for life. The modern process of caesarean delivery is an assault upon health of human populations.

The first milk after birth – the colostrum – is vital for the baby’s peculiar needs as it is suddenly thrust into a foreign atmosphere. Today breast milk is polluted with hundreds of life threatening chemicals. The process of vaccination has polluted it further with the most dangerous toxins known to man. The Oral Polio Vaccine unleashed hundreds of simian (monkey) viruses into the human body and the one studied is a ferocious carcinogen (cancer causing substance). This virus has lodged itself in breast milk of mothers and spermatic fluid in men and continues to create havoc. The process of vaccination has also eliminated natural antibodies – generated from natural exposure to disease – and these antibodies that were passed from mother to child are no longer available today! The placental fluid is similarly poisoned. The public is ignorant about practices that masquerade as life saving but are in fact the cause of intense misery.

Infancy is a stage where the infant is provided another opportunity to get rid of hereditary influences. Through various inflammatory and eruptive processes that are given names like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, whooping cough and so on, these are processes that aid in eliminating inherited toxins and tendencies. During this process the child is benefited from regular bodily responses like fever and the mother’s milk. The ill educated attempts to suppress these processes lead to complications that can result in deaths or, if the child survives, lead it to a lifetime of chronic illness and agonizing pain. The dangerous toxins in vaccines (mercury, aluminum, -these are declared -  lead, cadmium, tin - that are not declared - and other equally toxic ingredients) , the viruses, bacteria and toxoids, besides the contaminants drastically reduce the baby’s chances of survival and leading a healthy life. The process of vaccination also results in stress, trauma, epigenetic and genetic damage that are today showing up as epidemics and threatening human existence.

There were certain traditional practices that protected the baby from harm and ensured it proper nourishment. The mother was sent to her parent’s house where she received adequate care. Leading an abstinent life ensured that the placental fluid remained alkaline and did not pose a threat to her child. Passions render bodily matter acidic. If this abstinence can be extended to the breastfeeding years the breast milk too will remain alkaline and save the child from gastric disturbances including painful diarrhoea and dysentery. Today there are very few who are ready to sacrifice their pleasures for the sake of a healthy progeny.

Today we have learnt to disregard traditional wisdom. However this wisdom was vast and encompassed generations instead of encouraging individual selfishness. Human activity naturally veered towards a healthy life, a healthy planet, and a healthy future for coming generations. Health was the norm and not disease. Our intelligence today – gained from manipulated science – has emerged as a potent threat to us, our environment and the planet. Yet we are proud of it and are engaged in spreading it in our attempt to heighten the selfish nature of man and to divorce him from a sustaining environment. It is one thing to reform and remove cobwebs; it is another thing to severe one’s own legs.

We badly need to clean up our environment, detoxify our bodies, return to healthy modes of living, restore traditional diets and customs, and reinvigorate traditional healing wisdom if we expect our children to survive and stay healthy. Any compromise will not do.

We will learn from experience if we can survive the coming crisis. The crisis itself is unnecessary and would not have happened if we would not have lost our moorings attracted to trinkets that posed as gold. We have to examine the current scenario to separate the grain from the chaff and know our friends and our enemies. We have seen a time when Grandmother’s home remedies were enough to keep our children healthy. We have to know why we have progressed to a stage where we need sophisticated ICU equipment to keep our children alive and perpetually sick.