The MMR Vaccine – A Comprehensive Overview Of the Potential Dangers and Effectiveness

The MMR is one of the most controversial vaccines due to claims that it causes autism. While Merck, the MMR II manufacturer, does not list autism as one of the possible side effects of this vaccine, it does list many other serious, adverse reactions. This list includes meningitis, encephalitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, decreased blood platelets, convulsions, seizures, arthritis, bronchial spasm (asthmatic reaction), pneumonia, anaphylactic shock and death. The list also includes many severe illnesses/reactions that are not commonly recognized or understood by the general public. These include:
  • Pneumonitis – inflammation of the lungs
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) – a severe, life-threatening disease in which the body attacks the nervous system causing paralysis.
  • Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) – a rare, fatal neurological disease
  • Encephalopathy – abnormal brain function that may denote structural damage
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM)- a post infection or post vaccine inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. (Attacks brain tissues and nerves).
  • Transverse myelitis – an inflammatory disease of the spinal cord that causes weakness and loss of sensation and it affects the autonomic nervous system (breathing, the heart, digestion, reflexes).
  • Ataxia – lack of control of muscles suggesting brain and nerve damage.
  • Polyneuritis – weakness, numbness and pain – nerve damage
  • Polyneuropathy – damage to nerves causing tingling and pain that may begin in the hands and feet and spread to other parts of the body and may affect the autonomic nervous system
  • Ocular palsies – Damage to the nerves of the eye affecting eye movements, pupil constriction, and eyelid movement often resulting in an inability to focus without double vision.
  • Panniculitis – inflammation of the fat layer and connective tissue just under the skin
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome – following a painful rash, the top layer of skin blisters, dies, and sheds.
  • Erythema multiforme – skin reaction similar to Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
  • Nerve deafness – hearing loss and dysfunction.
  • Retinitis – damage to the retina causing damage to vision.
  • Optic neuritis – inflammation of the optic nerve, which can cause temporary blindness.
  • Papillitis – Inflammation of the optic nerve head
  • Epididymitis – Inflammation of the tube at the back of the testicle.
  • Orchitis – inflammation of the testicles. 1
Of course, less serious reactions also occur including fever, vomiting, swollen glands, diarrhea, rashes, pain and swelling of the injection site, and contracting measles, mumps, or rubella from the vaccine.
The question we need to ask ourselves before deciding to swallow, apply, inhale, or inject any pharmaceutical is whether the benefits outweigh the risks. We are repeatedly told that vaccines are safe and effective. As the listed adverse reactions  confirm, the MMR vaccine is not safe for everyone. The vaccine manufacturer freely admits the vaccine may cause one or more serious, lifelong, debilitating conditions or even cause death. Their stance is two-fold: they claim the benefits outweigh the risks and that it is our civic duty to take that risk to protect others.

Some of the More Controversial Ingredients

WI-38 human diploid cells

WI-38 fibroblasts are derived from the lung tissues of a female aborted fetus. The abortion took place in 1964. 14 15

MRC-5 cells

MRC-5 cells are cell lines that are commonly used in vaccines, but they are also used in other medical research. The cells are grown in culture, and then distributed widely. J.P. Jacobs originated this cell line in September of 1966. The cells were taken from the healthy lung tissue of an aborted 14 week fetus.14

Recombinant Human Albumin

The MMR vaccine contains genetically engineered human albumin, the most common protein found in blood. The FDA warns that all drugs containing human albumin could have the possibility of prion or viral disease contamination. 18

Animal Ingredients

The MMR vaccine includes ingredients derived from poultry and cows. The measles and mumps viruses are cultivated in cultures of chick embryonic cells while the growth medium for all three viruses contains fetal bovine serum