The US Congress Should Investigate the CDC for the Vaccine Autism Link Cover Up

The Congressional Inquiry Into CDC Vaccine-Autism Link Cover Up Should Include:

The charges against CDC 

1. The two Verstreaten studies initially showing an RR of 7.62 (11.35 for ADD) reduced by Verstraeten and colleagues before calling in the experts in 2000 whereby one study was modified to 'no association' and published in Pediatrics. The other study showing an association of 7.62 lies unpublished as the Simpsonwood records were pried open by FOIA. 

2. The Vaccine Safety Datalink on which the Verstraeten study was based was partially destroyed and shipped out of the USA to keep it out of FOIA ambit after Dr Geier accessed the database to show the same association 

3. The Danish studies showing 'no association' found later to have been fabricated as the principal author Dr Poul Thorsen had pocketed a significant portion of the grant and is on the most wanted list of US Police. He faces a lifetime in jail after extradition. His university has sacked and disowned him. 

4. The DeStefano study is under a cloud after his CDC co-author Dr William Thompson has admitted large scale data manipulation. Original data handed over to Dr Brian Hooker found a 340% increase in afro-asian children following vaccinations. 

5. The CDC is yet to retract the fraudulent studies. 

The US Congress has actually questioned the CDC on many of these issues but the CDC is yet to reply and is trying to obfuscate the public with false reporting on the issue. The US Congress is still on the hunt and the next hearing is awaited. On 29th July 2015 Congressman Bill Posey has deposed before the US House of Representatives. In the meanwhile Whistleblower Thompson has detailed how papers detailing the vaccine-autism connection were destroyed by CDC scientists in 2002.


Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy 

Update: Congressman’s Office In Possession of 100,000 CDC Whistleblower Documents?

Whistleblower Claims CDC Covered Up Data Showing Vaccine-Autism Link


Fugitive Profiles

OIG Fugitive: Poul Thorsen

Poul Thorsen
  • From approximately February 2004 until February 2010, Poul Thorsen executed a scheme to steal grant money awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC had awarded grant money to Denmark for research involving infant disabilities, autism, genetic disorders, and fetal alcohol syndrome. CDC awarded the grant to fund studies of the relationship between autism and the exposure to vaccines, the relationship between cerebral palsy and infection during pregnancy, and the relationship between developmental outcomes and fetal alcohol exposure.
  • Thorsen worked as a visiting scientist at CDC, Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, before the grant was awarded.
  • The initial grant was awarded to the Danish Medical Research Council. In approximately 2007, a second grant was awarded to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation. Both agencies are governmental agencies in Denmark. The research was done by the Aarhaus University and Odense University Hospital in Denmark.
  • Thorsen allegedly diverted over $1 million of the CDC grant money to his own personal bank account. Thorsen submitted fraudulent invoices on CDC letterhead to medical facilities assisting in the research for reimbursement of work allegedly covered by the grants. The invoices were addressed to Aarhaus University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The fact that the invoices were on CDC letterhead made it appear that CDC was requesting the money from Aarhaus University and Sahlgrenska University Hospital although the bank account listed on the invoices belonged to Thorsen.
  • In April 2011, Thorsen was indicted on 22 counts of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering.
  • According to bank account records, Thorsen purchased a home in Atlanta, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, an Audi automobile, and a Honda SUV with funds that he received from the CDC grants.
  • Thorsen is currently in Denmark and is awaiting extradition to the United States.

Fraud at the CDC uncovered, 340% risk of autism hidden from public

Obama Grants Immunity to CDC Whistleblower on Measles Vaccine Link to Autism 

Thimerosal exposure in infants and neurodevelopmental disorders: An assessment of computerized medical records in the Vaccine Safety Datalink (PDF 227 K) 
 2014 Sep 5;11(9):9156-70. doi: 10.3390/ijerph110909156.

A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Simpsonwood Transcripts:

Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia 

The US Department of Health Resources and Services Administration has already recognized autism as a secondary cause of vaccine injury as documented in the Update to the Vaccine Injury Table following the 2011 IOM report. They did reject Autism as a direct adverse effect of the MMR specifically, but in view of these revelations that may be revisited.

The CDC responded to these claims stating that they recognize this study showed an increased risk of autism from the MMR:

CDC Autism Whistleblower Admits Vaccine Study Fraud

BioMed Research International
Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 247218, 8 pages

CDC Forced to Release Documents Showing They Knew Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism

Review Article

Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe

In the U.S. and Canada, doctors recommend 8 vaccines at 2, 4, and 6 months of age. These vaccines were tested individually but not in combination. No studies anywhere in the world were ever conducted to provide scientific evidence that infants are not subjected to synergistic toxicity from the simultaneous administration of 8 drugs. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary. As babies receive more vaccines concurrently, they are more likely to be hospitalized and die:
Many people have also lost trust in the organizations that are commissioned to oversee vaccine safety. For example, 15 years ago the CDC conducted a study that confirmed a link between thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines and autism. Infants that received vaccines with the highest quantities of thimerosal were nearly 8 times more likely to develop autism compared to infants that did not receive thimerosal-containing vaccines (RR = 7.6). Instead of publishing this study, the CDC quashed it. Here is the abstract:

Other studies provide additional evidence of scientific malfeasance with regard to some well-publicized studies purporting to show no link between vaccines and severe safety hazards. For example:

Florida Congressman Bill Posey: CDC Whistleblower Discloses Vaccine Deception 

Posey Again Batters CDC Over Vaccine Autism Coverup 

U.S. Citizens March on CDC Headquarters in Atlanta to Protest Vaccine Science Corruption - See more at: