Vaccines Not Worth the Risk! - Dr Eisenstein, MD

Immunization Facts and Accusations: Are They Worth the Risk?

by Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH

20th century medicine has been shown to be false in many of its assumptions while it has held physicians with non-interventionist philosophies to a higher standard than interventionist physicians. The unscientific reasoning, "I think therefore I believe" has replaced scientific evidence based decision making. How can we have trust in a medical system, which has been shown to be untrue in some of its practice? The answer is with great skepticism. Let us hope that scientific reason will prevail and the motto for the 21st Century will become "The scientific evidence points in that direction, therefore I believe." All vaccine programs carry risk and benefit. Therefore, the goal should not only be the prevention of a specific disease by vaccination, but also the benefits must outweigh any potential long term negative side effects.
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