"Vaccine Benefit Statistics"

Dear _____,

Vaccines do not "cure" us of our tendency to get the measles, mumps or
rubella, or any other disease that they seem to target. They simply alter the
body so that we may not get them. They act on the principle observed by both
ayurveds and homeopaths that one disease condition may replace another.

Therefore vaccine benefit statistics should not show merely how many less
people suffer the measles, mumps and rubella. They should probe and reflect on
the new disease state that is used by the vaccine ingredients and additives,
what diseases are being caused by that disease state and also show side by side
how many people are now suffering from the new disease states arising out of the
vaccines. THAT would be a proper study not the present studies being tomtommed.

Homeopaths have already studied the disease state that is caused by vaccines.
This disease state they call vaccinosis. This state is very similar to their
disease state called sycosis, the result of suprressed gonorrhoea. The sycosis
disease state is behind eczema, asthma, rheumatism, piles, heart troubles, liver
and kidney problems, diabetes, cancer, obsessive compulsive disorders, fears
phobias and manias, sadistic and quarrelsome personalities, amative tendencies

So now do you understand the real picture? Just compare the less cases of
measles, mumps and rubella with the increased cases of the above serious
ailments which have become household problems today and you will know whether
vaccines are really godsend as the doctors would lead us to believe.

The homeopaths mind you did not know about the mercury, aluminium and many
other components of vaccines. However their study of mercury and aluminium
poisoning includes ASD, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, ADHD,
chronic dysentery, acute constipation etc.

This is why I am insisting that homeopaths and ayurveds be included in the
Vaccine Review Committee. And this is exactly the reason why the allopaths do
not want to have them on the board.

It is already an obvious fact in the US that the vaccine industry will not
acknowledge vaccine dangers because the lawsuits they will then have to face
will render them penniless. In India too we must confront the government with
whatever facts we can gather so that the parents here do not have to bear the
tremendous financial burden of treating and raising their autistic children and
also the future generation can be freed of the autism epidemic.

Of course the industry may want that vaccines should continue by seggregating
those children, who they say are prone to autism, but that will not serve our
purpose. The entire range of vaccine dangers should be studied and placed before
the public. Till then the vaccination process should be suspended.

This is scientific logic.