Questioning the AIDS Propagnda - 200 Links!

‎200 links to homepages that questions the official HIV/AIDS propaganda
- Kim Cools
HIV/AIDS is a lie by the pharmaceutic industry
The HIV/AIDS disease is caused by a fake diagnose, fear mongering, advertising, lethal HIV-medications, vaccines, corruption, antibiotics, party-drugs and more.
There is no HIV virus.
In Africa and poor countries people die of starvation and not enough nutrion and clean water.
All these homepages questions the reality of HIV/AIDS. AZT: Unsafe at any dose?"faith based HIV testing" Celia Farber

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has-never-been-isolated-from-aids-patients (warning Robert Gallo created the HIV/AIDS lie)
/hiv-has-never-been-isolated-from-aids-patients real hivfoto?
after_earth_day_rethinking_aids_on_23_april.htm World Bank, HIV/AIDS, is a Fraud the real heroes of aids hiv plus aids=death? inc Dissident: David Crowe Speaks Out (Part 1 of 3)
Q&feature=PlayList&p=E40B4103D755A37C&index=0 rethinkers
21st-Century/AZT-The-AIDS-Drug-Part-2.html REPORT: 3 MILLION DEAD, $6.1 BILLION SPENT IN 2004 (We need to find an) AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire by Nancy Turner in greek in Dutch Korean
(don't lie to me about HIV) Handgrenade Nina Hagen Youtube music video

These people consider AIDS and HIV as real and that HIV virus causes AIDS but they strongly distrust the pharmaceutical industry
They show on other ways to get cured insead of taking HIV-medicals. (I would say you can get cured by eating hamburgers, bananas, carrots and milk as long as you take it instead of your HIV-medications) Colloidal silver is not the only way.
http://www.tetrahedron.orgDr/. Leonard Horowitz

Hm.. it feels a little strange to discover the many layers and spectras of the HIV/AIDS fraud.
I guess it took me a while to make up my mind. This link, below can I no longer fully trust, even if I still admire Horowitz.
Many statements here that AIDS is caused by a virus. I don't doubt that the U.S. has biological war labs. But if you go to your hospital and get an HIV test with a positive result then you should not think you have a dangerous HIV-virus.

good bye aids by Maria Papagiannidou-St Pierre Medical apartheid
Aids and the doctors of death av Allan Cantwell

HIV has never been isolated in pure form, so that the existence of HIV is questionable as is validation of HIV tests; The existence of HIV has not been proven; HIV tests are unreliable; Pharmaceutical firms know that antiretroviral drugs are ineffective at treating AIDS but effective at causing AIDS (Rath and Farber); AIDS deaths are caused by malnutrition, narcotics, and antiretroviral drugs.