Paranormal Powers of the Brain

Dear Sir,

The brain has the ability to satisfy all the chemical needs of the body. This is what enabled the Rishis to immerse themselves in meditation for long periods of time without damaging their health.
In fact if anyone practices meditation with sincerety the workings of the body decelarates and the body sustains itself with the minimum of energy. The pulse, heart beat and all activities slow down.
As one proceeds on the path of meditation the demands of the body reduce. The person can sustain himself with a small fraction of what he originally needed. Many monks survive with just a chappati immersed in water when they go into retreats.
I have been to the Rumtek Monastery of Sikkim, the seat of Tibetan Buddhism in India. I saw a small trail up the nearby hill. Upon questioning I was told it led to a cave, modified into a closed room, where the monks went to meditate, often for months on end. I asked them who supplied them with food etc. They said once a fortnight an attendant went with food and water to place it at the entrance of the closed cave. But it was often found that even the last fortnights supplies were untouched.
Recently a sadhu was in news in India who created a sensation by refusing food for days on end. He claimed he could survive without food. The doctors of Ahmedabad kept him in a glass room for 10 days and observed him night and day. Not only did the sadhu not take food or water, he did not evacuate either. After 10 days the sadhu was released, maybe the doctors were afraid he could die. But I feel more experiments should have been conducted.
It is also possible through meditation techniques to generate heat or cold in the body. In the National Geographic was shown a Buddhist meditation session in the Himalayan region where in the thick of winter, a cloth dipped in ice water was wrapped in the bare torso of the monks. Within an hour or maybe less, the clothes started steaming and were totally dry after some time.
Similarly an ITBP expedition in the Himalayas came across a monk wearing only a strip of cloth in the groin. When the surprised soldiers asked him how he managed he said he knew the method to generate heat. As far as I remember he also said he could do without food as and when he wanted.
The above are not myths but recorded facts. These lead us to believe in our scriptures and the various vibhutis described in them. The vibhutis are an aid to spiritual life and are not for any other use.
Closer home, in a Math that was once occupied by a realised soul affectionately called "the mad saint", there used to be often unexpected visitors. The monk would caution other devotees not to disturb them as they were visitors from the Himalayas, who had come with the help of special powers that enabled them to travel in their astral bodies. We have heard these incidents from elderly highly reputed retired government officials whose characters leave no question for doubt.
Science says that a man uses only 30% of the brain. Yoga, physical and metaphysical, gives us access to the rest 70%.
The brain also has the ability to communicate with the animal, plant and even the mineral world. The ayurvedic Rishis discovered the curative properties of various substances by communicating with them and praying to them to reveal their properties.
Had we based our development on our scriptures, and backed by science,  we would have been a very disciplined and useful race. If we face so much corruption and pain today it is because of a science that has divorced itself from spirituality.
But then what has happened cannot be undone. Let us hope the spiritual tenets do not disappear with our generation. There IS hope as we come across spiritually gifted children. And today parents have become aware of the need for values and are trying their best to inculcate them into their children. This is a very encouraging sign.
I do not expect an affluent India with the power to destroy the world with its arsenal of nuclear weapons, but an India that helps reconstruct the world with its spiritual power. Our Savants have assured us that, that indeed will be the case. The spirituality that will engulf the world will originate from this holy land.
Bhadraiahji, I am encouraged by the fact that you have been able to interwine both science and spiritually in such a vibrant manner. My pranams to you Sir.
Love & Regards,