On True Healing

Dear Dr ____,
I have repeatedly said that homeopathy, ayurveda and other holistic therapies will appear strange to you unless you discard your reductionist viewpoint. I have seen many a retired doctor take up the study of homeopathy and ayurveda to know what they had missed. Most of them had no time while they were practicing or they did not want to be dubbed as crackpots.
I have also said that man is the most complex creation of God. He is said to mirror the universe. Therefore to have an understanding of man all the laws of the universe have to be studied. It is sad that only a very limited portion of the universe comes within the ambit of science as it considers only that which can be percieved by the senses.
In fact present science has become a stumbling block in the path of subatomic physics as seemingly contradictory facts are being found to be true. This sort of a twist has been tackled by Zen Buddhism and also in the thought of Confucius. In the Ramayana also Sri Rama says to Laxmana, "Whatever the mind can conceive of can happen."
Thus the hindu statement, "Charaibeti, charaibeti.." , continue, continue further in your quest, there is no end to spiritual seeking or yearning for knowledge. Indian saints have said time and again, "Do not disregard any knowledge, for who knows what may be hidden behind even what seems to be incomprehensible at the present time?"
Thus, all the "non scientific" healing methods do not like to remain stationery or bound to the senses. They continue to expand into the non material world as they know that the answer lies in the spirit and not in matter.
In homeopathy the complete symptom picture is the picture of the disease in toto. And when the complete picture is treated homeopathically it will not only cure the painful complaints presented before the physician but also clear all the blocked channels in him and cure many other things he had adjusted to thinking them to be incurable.
You should note the term, "treated homeopathically". When can we know that the patient is being treated homeopathically? The true homeopath finds that upon treatment one set of symptoms go and another set presents itself. The patient says, doctor I had "cured" these problems but you have brought them back once again. The physician is happy because the entire disease process has gone into reverse mode. The process continues till the first disease symptoms that the patient had suffered from appear. The patient remembers that very early on, maybe in his childhood days, he had these symptoms. When these symptoms are tackled then the patient himself says, Doctor I never felt so good before, you have given me a new life.
Homeopathic treatment is not easy. The symptoms are often disturbed due to roadblocks referred to by the homeopaths as "layers". These may be miasmatic in origin or iatrogenic, the result of meddling by the earlier physicians the patient had consulted. But the knowledgeable and patient homeopath persists and crosses all the barriers to relieve the patient of his misery.
The homeopaths do not mind taking the help of other therapies. All non medicinal approaches are embraced by homeopathy.