I am Not a Quack!

I am Not a Quack!
By Jagannath Chatterjee in POLITICS OF HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE. ·  Edit Doc · Delete

(Once again I have been attacked in a group that supposedly is devoted to work agains corruption in medicine!)

Umarul, being an educated person, which I hope you are, I don't think you can accuse me of either being a quack or a homeopath. I do not practice medicine so I just cannot be a quack. I have not studied homeopathy, actually if anyone has actually read my post he should understand that I wanted to study modern medicine and had even passed the entrance test but could not join because of the vaccine reaction, so I am not a homeopath either.

My interest in homeopathy stemmed from the fact that modern medicine could not relieve me of vaccine damage that I suffered, it was an MD in homeopathy who made me somewhat normal, an outstanding achievement considering that the damage was extremely severe and still persists.

So I studied homeopathic books on my own as I have also studied ayurvedic books as well as standard text books on pediatric medicine, vaccines, health rights, medical ethics and medical journals which the doctors in the groups I belong to kindly gift me seeing my interest in the subjects. I remain indebted to them for their acts of kindness.

I also wish to remind you Umarul that ayurveda, homeopathy, unani, siddha, yoga are all recognised systems of medicine and thus should not be criticised without merit in ones argument.

Currently if you observe the world scenario medical doctors are going in for higher research into ayurveda and homeopathy and also that hosptals like the Appollo are referring incurable cases to ayurveds and homeopaths. Some like Dr Naresh Trehan have also set up homeopathic and ayurvedic units within their hospital set up.

About vaccine risks if proper studies have not been done, if there are no government laboratories capable enough to check on the claims of the manufacturers, if people with conflict of interest write research articles, if doctors are not taught about vaccine risks, if doctors and health care workers will not report vaccine risks, if there is no sincere attempt to utilise the vaccine averse events surveillance systems, if the parents and the victims voices will not be heard, if doctors trying to research into vaccine safety will be denied funds,, if doctors doing research into vaccine safety will be stripped of their licences, if doctors do not know where and how to report, if the government and the medical associations will specifically instruct doctors not to report, then how can we say that there are minimal risks from vaccines?

I hope readers will read my note on vaccine risks and judge for themselves. Thank you.