GatesWatch: Watching Bill Gates in Action

GatesWatch: Watching Bill Gates in Action
- Jagannath Chatterjee

Watching where Bill Gates and his foundation is headed is interesting. The foundation is now into “Achieving Healthy Growth”. What does it intend to do?  

"For each of these developmental segments, the program will be focused on approaches to discover or inform the development of novel interventions and the capacity to monitor the effect of these interventions at a mechanistic level, while addressing the role of infection, exposure to environmental toxins (e.g. aflatoxin), and nutritional insults." 

Oops! The man is veering towards the truth! Environmental toxins and nutrition! What will happen to his "Vaccinate each child, every time, with all vaccines currently available and to be introduced in the future for an infinite period of time" agenda? What if environmental toxins raise the bogey of vaccine toxins? And what if nutrition eradicates the "vaccine preventable diseases"?  

Or will the entire agenda run in tandem? Will he effectively choke off all activism with statements like, "Hey, look man I am doing exactly what you mean" etc etc. Most likely. This is a political strategy and will also help market neutraceuticals. 

What else is the foundation doing?

"The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is currently seeking letters of inquiry for the new grant program Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal (Gut) Function and Health." Now now don't get too excited. The rotavirus vaccine is supposed to be a solution for gastroenteritis! So what is he trying here? Trying to cash in on the gastro intestinal distress as witnessed in the autistic children and other vaccine damaged children? Again I think that is the likely picture. 

So Bill has effectively learnt his lessons of marketing from the pharmaceutical majors. Create a disease through a mass medical intervention that makes money and then investigate the after effects and project solutions which adds to the wealth. The cycle goes on as the projected solutions too create problems for which further solutions are in the offing.  

We Indians refer to this process as "Biting as the snake and then treating as the healer".